The Australian Tour Guides Code of Conduct

I commit to uphold the Tour Guides Australia Code of Conduct for Tour Guides in all my actions and encourage its implementation across the industry through interactions with tourism businesses, organisations and other tour guides. I agree to abide by the Tour Guides Australia Code of Conduct for Tour Guides and will: 

1   Provide a professional service to visitors– ensure they are treated with respect, care and a commitment to best practice guiding. 

2   Provide objective, fair interpretations of places visited. Make every effort to present true and accurate facts, ensure that a clear distinction is made between stories, legends, traditions and opinions. 

3   Act honestly, fairly and professionally in all dealings with those who engage my services and with all colleagues within the tourism industry. 

4   Educate visitors on the need to be respectful of our precious natural, cultural and heritage environments, minimising our footprint and impacts at all times. 

5   As a representative of Australia, I will welcome all visitors, and act in such a way as to bring credit to the country and to its promotion as a tourist destination. 

6   Regularly update and upgrade my guiding skills and knowledge through training, professional development and networking activities. 

7   Declare to visitors any relevant personal commercial interests, including commissions. I agree to not engage in forced visitor purchases, or soliciting of tips. 

8   Be mindful at all times of my duty of care and other health and safety issues. 

9   Provide all goods and services as is presented in the job brief, itinerary and promotional materials. 

10 Abide by all national, state and territory legislation governing the operation and conduct of tours, tour operators and tour guides, including holding all relevant licenses and certificates for the activities I undertake. 

11  As a professional tour guide, I shall establish my own complaint handling procedures if I am an independent operator, or if not, be familiar with the complaints handling procedures of the organisation I am engaged by. 

12  Inform my clients that TGA has a Guiding Standards Complaints process covering alleged breaches of the TGA Code of Conduct for Tour Guides. 

13  Continually maintain a valid Level 2 in First Aid (valid for 3 years) & CPR (valid for 12 months), as a pre-requisite for tour guiding. 

14  At all times that I operate as an independent contractor, I will hold a current *Certificate of Currency for Combined Liability insurance to a minimum value of $10 million.

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